Andrew Matson speaks to members of the famed collective about its music and influence.
Torii MacAdams is taking his talents to Dallas.  Raider Klan should’ve been A$AP Mob. Instead of a figurehead whose most notable beef is with a fashion house, Raider Klan was gifted/cursed with an enigmatic leader who tweets about excluding his girlfriend from threesomes and Black Israelites. Spaceghostpurrp’s eccentricity (or, perhaps, plain egomania and insanity) caused […]
I’m not sure if people are still checking for the Raider Klan like that, but they should now more than ever. Spaceghost Purrp quietly drops mumbling murder raps that make you want to smoke yourself to incoherence in a honey comb hideout where the walls are coated in kief and THC wax is used in […]
You might remember Yung Simmie from last year’s “Florida Nigga Mentality.” He’s the member of the Raider Klan who combines Triple Six worship with a flow that sounds like Pusha-T in the “Funeral” era. This is some humid wifebeater-clad hi-hat trap rap. It’s from his Basement Muzik mixtape and that’s what this sounds like. This […]