Will Schube takes a look at Simmie Season 2, and Simmie's new video for "Bucks."
Will Schube takes a look at a couple of new Denzel Curry videos.
You might remember Yung Simmie from last year’s “Florida Nigga Mentality.” He’s the member of the Raider Klan who combines Triple Six worship with a flow that sounds like Pusha-T in the “Funeral” era. This is some humid wifebeater-clad hi-hat trap rap. It’s from his Basement Muzik mixtape and that’s what this sounds like. This […]
File under: gulley, high school-aged Miami rappers far too young to know who Bush Babees and/or “Everything Zen” Bush are. Straight out of the YouTube wormhole comes Bush, whose name is virtually ungoogleable. Most of the kids doing post-Lex Luger trap can’t rap to save their life, but Bush deploys a fluid double-time in between […]