Joel Biswas speaks to the rap journeymen about their new collaborative EP, Humble Pi
Ryan Meaney takes a look at 'Lice 3,' the latest record from Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman.
Ben Grenrock takes a look back at Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman's 'Lice Two,' now available on vinyl.
Two of New York's best step into the arena bumping step into the arena.
Max Bell‘s book collection weighs a ton.   Stones Throw has never left you in the lurch. They put out new music every week.  More often than not, it’s good and well worth your time. Occasionally, it’s great and requires innumerable listens. Below are some of the latest offerings from label over the last month or […]
Max Bell infrequently boogie boards. Homeboy Sandman is back. Homeboy Sandman never really went anywhere. In 2013, he offered devotees two EPs: Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent (with producer El Rntc) and All That I Hold Dear (with M Slago). For the final installment in this trio of EPs pairing Boy Sand with a single producer, he’s brought Paul White into the […]
If rap is pro wrestling as Uncle Rush recently said on the Arsenio Hall Show, it doesn’t mean that it necessarily conforms to the modern nitroglycerin stereotype. If it is wrestling, it’s more like the early 80s pre-Wrestlemania version, with deep competition in different realms — in one arena, a flashy gimmick could outstrip technical […]
There can be a lot of disconnect between rappers and the critics that review their work.  Frequently these (nebbishy, academic) critics, at least the ones I relate to, are content to let rappers define their own worlds—the critics understanding that they may lack perspective on the black experience with which rap is frequently concerned.  To […]
I was first introduced to Homeboy Sandman through a quote he gave to Format Magazine about three years ago, which made it obvious that I would have to check out the guy’s music. The quote is self-explanatory: “My pop is the man. Came over from the Dominican Republic at the age of 15. He didn’t […]
Most rappers are dedicated to creating a cult of mystique around themselves. Homeboy Sandman is about the opposite: removing the layers between fan and rapper, but without attempting to be the everyman. He is not the everyman. He is a NBA shooting guard-sized, Ivy League scholar and the only rapper to ever rap “dominant allele” […]