Meow the Jewels is coming soon, In the meantime, Jamie and Mikey drop a record Store Day exclusive.
Max Bell choo-choo-chooses you. Not every Nicolas Jaar release is deeply, inexplicably resonant, but all are distinctive, wholly and uncompromisingly his own. He doesn’t crib from contemporaries, though I’m sure he’d rework a Zaytoven beat better than Jay Electronica jocked the Migos flow.┬áCompare his solo work to any Darkside track. Even with Dave Harrington’s psychedelic […]
What do you know about standing in line outside for fifteen minutes to gain entrance into a slammed record store (Vacation Vinyl, Silverlake), only to discover that the one record you wanted for Record Store Day was already sold out. 20 copies gone before 12:30 p.m. I suppose I can chalk this up to the […]