Max Bell own titles and busts nines at his rivals Before most had heard of Sage the Gemini, there was Iamsu. In fact, it was Su who brought Sage into the HBK Gang fold. However, given the popularity of Sage’s singles “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose,” many have probably been too busy “filming” their yiking […]
I’m not sure if Sage the Gemini and Kool John are bucking to be the ratchet Red and Meth or the ratchet Kid N’ Play, but the East Bay HBK gang members are 3/3 with Sage’s last singles. This is pretty much a video tailor-made for play at Kappa’s and Alpha Kappa Alpha Spring Formals. […]
Salva stays savage mixing 15 HBK and Bay Area slaps into a thirty minute mix in advance of IAMSU, Kool John, and Sage the Gemini’s Check Yo Ponytail show this Friday at the Echoplex. I shouldn’t feel the need to repeat myself with these dudes. Su was on Shots Fired. Peace, Love & Shmoplife is […]
Somehow IAMSU! didn’t make that XXL Freshman list, which is mildly insane, considering the dude’s sound has been ubiquitous on West Coast radio for the last six months. He produced a large portion of that Shmop Life tape, Loverance’s “Up,” his own solo material, and Sage the Gemini’s “Gas Pedal.” If you haven’t heard the […]