Torii MacAdams is four five seconds from getting an iced coffee It’s February 9 and it’s 75 degrees. It’s not quite hot enough in L.A. for the mid-summer tradition of shootouts on the freeway, but it’s gang banging weather nonetheless. It’s a windows-down day, and to celebrate, Salva’s officially released his latest collaboration with Problem, […]
Jimmy Ness talks to the LA-based, Chicago-bred DJ/producer about Young Thug, songwriting, and his hard new album, "The Peacemaker."
Brad Beatson is at the raquet ball court in basketball shorts “Old English” was the first firework of summer, combining vicious bass with a running electronic tone and a bit of the trap sound that Salva started back in 2012. The raps, triangulating America’s hotbeds, come from Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs and A$AP Ferg. As Son Raw […]
Brad Beatson turns down only for freedom.  In the summer, I’m looking to push play on a playlist and let it ride. It’s too beautiful out. And I know it’s inevitable that some drunken fingertips will hijack the music at some point to play what they want to. So this is my grand attempt at […]
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“My jewelry gold like the tokens at Chuck E. Cheese.” Quoth semi-professional gemologist, Jeffrey Williams. Thug raps like he’s only been eating weed brownies, Strawberry syrup and soda and molly for the last six months. His insides probably look like rotting pumpkin, but his raps are box cutter sharp. Wayne is the most obvious analogue, […]
Brad Beatson only dates girls in 5411 Reeboks Classixx’ debut, Hanging Gardens, is about to enter its peak replay season. Thanks to Innovative Leisure, we’re treated with a remix EP dedicated to one of its finest cuts, “A Stranger Love.”
Salva stays savage mixing 15 HBK and Bay Area slaps into a thirty minute mix in advance of IAMSU, Kool John, and Sage the Gemini’s Check Yo Ponytail show this Friday at the Echoplex. I shouldn’t feel the need to repeat myself with these dudes. Su was on Shots Fired. Peace, Love & Shmoplife is […]
There are few if any who navigate the bridge between rap, R&B, and dance music as well as Paul Salva. His jumpoff mix for Power 106 starts with a “Triggaman” sample extends through TeeFlii’s “This D,” Chaka Demus & Pliers, Jeezy and Mustard’s “R.I.P.,” 2 Chainz, Mac Dre’s “Feeling Myself,” Problem’s “Like Whaat,” and his […]
I will accept no slick talk about Salva remixing “Like Whaa.” Unlike most of the people listening to it on LA radio, Salva first heard this on the I’m Bout It soundtrack. Like his work on “Mercy,” he’s achieved the highest possible achievement in that the remix can play in both clubs full of day-glo […]