No stranger to insanely ambitious (or flat-out insane) projects, Abe Beame attempts to settle the debate over the greatest 5 mic album once and for all.
20/20 Vision returns as Son Raw thoroughly revisits one of rap's all-time great albums.
Will Hagle shows us a side of Outkast you've never heard before.
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In honor of absolutely nothing, I dug up a few old Outkast interviews that had been hiding in plain sight.
The Dungeon Family and ATL's rise, the Grammys performance with Earth Wind and Fire, the Future and Outkast.
Jimmy Ness only fools with charcoal “Welcome to the land where it just don’t stop. Trunks pop, tops drop, and the front-end hop.” I like to imagine summer is a lot like the world Houston rapper Fat Pat [RIP] describes on “Tops Pop,” where the music is funky, the cars have impractical modifications and the […]
To get the signals straight, there is a YouTube video of Outkast’s entire set from the Counterpoint Festival. All reports are that they are slaughtering every show after that first week of Coachella, which means that Andre understood that the Coachella VIP section had a river of pink sludge running beneath it and was weirded […]