Steven Louis serves the latest edition of The Rap-Up, featuring new music from 310babii, Geechi Gotti, Cdot Honcho, Doechii, 03 Greedo and more.
Max Bell roundly rejected prior restraint. You never have to ask Devin the Dude if he’s trying to smoke. The only reason you ask is so you can hear him croon “Ooo yeah” like he suddenly abandoned rap and started singing the stoner blues. You never have to question whether the man can drop a […]
Deen would also like to extend a fuck you to Obasanjo. Has anyone else noticed that learning to like or at least learning to tolerate shitty rappers isn’t a phenomenon restricted to the “mainstream”? In other words, even less than popular rappers that you aren’t fond of can weasel their way into your listening rotation […]
By Deen
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Se Llamo es Max Bell. La música de Harry Fraud es bueno. Pero la música de Harry Fraud con Curren$y es fantástico. Juntos, ellos nos dan Los Barcos de Cigarrillos. Lo siento. That’s what three years of high school Spanish and Google translate will do for you. Cigarette Boats is Miami Vice. It’s the gangster […]