Michael McKinney returns for the latest edition of Slam on the CDJ to highlight the best DJ sets from the past month, featuring boxofbox, Job Jobse, Tarotplane and more.
Peter Holslin dives into what makes the new EP from electronic artist Aphex Twin such a short yet satisfying listen from an artist beyond his career-peak.
Each person’s journey with Aphex Twin is inherently personal given the broad range of music he’s made. David Brake suggests where to begin.
Aphex Twin Opens the Vaults February 5, 2015
Art by Stephen Robinson Peter Holslin is hooked on phonics It was the digital equivalent of buried treasure — 110 high-caliber tracks uploaded to Soundcloud by a mysterious artist dubbed “user48736353001.” This massive data drop got a lot of attention from music writers last week, as most experts strongly suspect the songs are the handiwork […]
Fall Mixtape: Peter Holslin December 3, 2014
Peter Holslin vows to be the first music writer to file copy from the International Space Station. I have a friend who has a toddler son who’s obsessed with the moon. He immediately grabs onto anything circle-shaped, and when the sun goes down, I hear once trotted out to the backyard to yell, “Moon! Moon!” […]
Frank N Beats Mix: 006 October 14, 2014
Aaron Frank prefers turning up to looking at pictures on the wall. As the state of the site has reflected, it’s been a stressful transition period for us here at Passion of the Weiss in recent weeks. Luckily, our patience and hard work has paid off, and together with his design team, Jeff has restructured a […]
In the context of his new record, a look back at Aphex Twin's seminal "Drukqs"