Brad Beatson can give it to you but whatcha gon’ do with it? I’ve got this image of everybody standing on the beach somewhere, and there’s this festival on the beach and everyone’s having a really great time. There’s like people surfing, sharks in the ocean, police cars are like pulling up on the beach. […]
I arrived at The Mercury Lounge on Sunday while JUNGLE. was conducting their soundcheck. T and J flew in from London the day before with their 3 band mates, sound engineer and manager, after completing a tour-leg opening for HAIM. Their first U.S. show was a few hours after landing, and they brought an energy […]
In the Jungle Groove October 16, 2013
Max Bell is also a scholar of the early work of Jungle from Queensbridge. There’s a treasure trove of Bandcamp gems waiting to be mined. And, like once-lost ‘45s spun by the likes of Peanut Butter Wolf and Dam-Funk, someday there will be a group of digital diggers unsatisfied with their cloud storage and Spotify […]