Jordan Ryan Pedersen takes a critical look at Numero Group's reissue of music by Pastor T.L. Barrett.
Chris Daly takes a look at the new EP from DâM-FunK.
Will Hagle tells you why Dam-Funk's one off joints are better than your best stuff.
Peter Hoslin talks with P-Funk legend Bernie Worrell about adventurous music, age, and preferred arthritis treatments.
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I arrived at The Mercury Lounge on Sunday while JUNGLE. was conducting their soundcheck. T and J flew in from London the day before with their 3 band mates, sound engineer and manager, after completing a tour-leg opening for HAIM. Their first U.S. show was a few hours after landing, and they brought an energy […]
Dam-Funk Keeps Flowing January 27, 2014
While the Macklemoorish Invasion reigned at the Grammy’s, Dam-Funk cut this ice-cold but conversely sizzling jam to instruct y’all to “Keep Going.” You can read my Twitter timeline if you want to know what I really thought about music’s biggest and most bogus awards show. My tastes will always be inclined towards the subterranean, so […]
Max Bell lives for the funk and dies for the funk. Seven is the name George Costanza ostensibly wanted for his first child. I don’t think L.A. based singer and producer Seven Davis Jr.’s parents were big fans of Mickey Mantle or Seinfeld, but I won’t rule it out until I can ask him and check […]
Part 2 of Son Raw’s continuing look at London’s best radio station. Part 1 here. Dubstep: The cream of the crop Dubstep has seen better days on Rinse, as London’s sound of choice has found itself out of favor amongst listeners dissuaded by the anti-cool factor that comes with being America’s soundtrack to take drugs […]
There are certain things that European producers may never understand about the sensitivities of domestic slang. I imagine that’s why they were nonchalant about appropriating trap and not even bothering to change the name. And yes, I know that many of the most trapey were Americans, Chicago-born (word to S. Bellow, literary precursor to Flostradamus). […]
The Ohio Players, Lakeside, Slave, Heatwave, Dazz Band, Faze-O, Zapp. The Midwest, and Ohio especially, has always been about the funk. Though, as of late, it’s been left coast artists like Mothership descendant Dam-Funk who have been Searchin’ 4 Funk’s Future (he also works with Steve Arrington of Slave). So it only make sense that artists […]