Before her performance at Red Bull's True Notes show, Amber Mark talks about her trans-continental childhood, the importance of a singular vision and her forthcoming album.
Pete Tosiello takes a look at 'Audiology,' the new LP from Elijah Blake.
Peter Holsin speaks with Jack Moves about R&B boot camp, Newark architecture, and the true definition of gangster.
Dan From The Internet finds hope in R&B's dying landscape thanks to Ty Dolla $ign's new album, Free TC.
She's Drunk's Physical EP is one of the more interestingly experimental dance releases that's landed in my inbox recently, one that avoids easy classifications and formulas in favor of an open-ended approach to urban music.
Hyperdub at 10 June 10, 2014
Son Raw is celebrating his 30th anniversary. There was no better place than Fabric to celebrate Hyperdub’s 10th anniversary. It was a little rude – half the people in attendance were seemingly there to pull or get off their heads, a little intense – the bass in room 2 threatened to disembowel more than a […]
I arrived at The Mercury Lounge on Sunday while JUNGLE. was conducting their soundcheck. T and J flew in from London the day before with their 3 band mates, sound engineer and manager, after completing a tour-leg opening for HAIM. Their first U.S. show was a few hours after landing, and they brought an energy […]
Evan Nabavian first saw the man in the cape. My favorite kind of R&B is the kind that borrows liberally from hip-hop. Obvious bias there when you consider that I eat out of a Boot Camp Clikk lunchbox, but hear me out. Just as rappers relinquish some thuggery and soften up for the single, R&B […]
Oneman holds all the cards October 15, 2013
Son Raw does this for the culture. At some point this season, you will need a turn up mix for  when you’re having drinks, lest you leave the house sober: you should probably make it Oneman’s latest. Whereas London’s finest already effortlessly combined Garage, House, Grime and Dubstep into an all inclusive smorgasbord of UK […]
This was an inevitability. When rap routed its course into the world of the ratchet, it was only inevitable that R&B would soon follow. TY$ might have been the first to elucidate the capitalist and racial draft hierarchy of his cabana, but it was a matter of course that Mustard would uh, start spreading (sorry). […]