Mexican wrestling masks, Afu-Ra hair, stray cats, and strong blunts comprise the short list of shots for “Act IV | Scene IV-V-VII,” the mini-movie from the agnostic Buddhist, Chester Watson. Ennui is rarely this unnerving. There are rare Japanese snacks and bodegas, villainy fit for a Dumile, and a monotone style fit for your favorite […]
Twenty years beyond the triumph from the G-U-R-U, the wild one with the monotone style, comes the monotone Samurai. Chester Watson, the Tin Wooki, the 16-year old with St. Louis blood, a Georgia address, metal-faced ancestry, and worries piqued by witches curses, too much weed, and/or the struggles inherent in being a teen prodigy. Stress […]
Jay Z, no umlaut, no hyphen, will be insanely jealous should he ever stumble across “PicBascassquiato,” even if he’s not even into the Internet like that. 16-year old, Chester Watson (rap game, Yasel Puig) delivers the new portmanteau of Sean C’s favorites. I dunno if Mark Rothko is in here too, but I’ll give Chester […]