August 6, 2012

Chris Daly loves your body, Larry.

Full disclosure, when I first stumbled across Biblo, I misread the track submission and thought it was the latest from Bibio, who, of course, is not to be confused with Bonobo, clearly proving that beatheads are an alliterative bunch. As luck would have it, the Gods of Weed and Poor Eyesight were smiling upon me that day, as Biblo’s Slave to Love, is ideal for both.

Hailing from Istanbul (not Constantinople), the young Turk is an alumni of Red Bull Music Academy 2011, so we can rest assured that her story checks out. Biblo works in sparse, aural landscapes, her sounds evoking images of desolate ghost towns, signs blowing in the wind,  ferocious storms in the distance. A mixture of detached glitch and downtempo, Biblo’s music is punctuated by occasional outbursts of audio lighting in between otherwise dark and stormy clouds. Slow synths and lazy heartbeat, programmed drums set the stage for tracks like “Gas for Two” and “Wild.” “Like Sand” clearly is in the same vein, and pointing out that “Crazy Eyes” arguably is the most upbeat track here is akin to pointing out that bubblegum kush is stronger than AK-47—the difference is so small as to be almost negligible.

Utilizing her own sultry pipes as a perfect accompaniment to her wide open beats, Slave to Love is the album you didn’t realize was a must for late night desert drives with your possibly fictitious lawyer riding shotgun worried about bats. Cactus-derived hallucinogens optional.

MP3: Biblo – “Crazy Eyes”

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