Chris Daly takes a look at the new video for Bonobo's "Break Apart."
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Chris Daly fucks, then he sleeps.   Say whatever else you might be so inclined to about Bonobo, but you certainly can’t say he’s been traveling at less than the speed of sound these days.  Fresh off his 18 month, international “North Borders” tour, he dropped the appropriately named The North Borders Tour – Live, a CD/DVD […]
Bonobo in France March 20, 2014
Get your damn hands off Chris Daly, you dirty ape. Remember that incredible Boiler Room Set Bonobo did last September? Fans of the chimpantasic DJ probably also will recall that dope remix of Henri Texier’s Les LaBas dropped during said set. Wouldn’t you know it, turns out the remix was from none other than aforementioned […]
Producer/DJ Bonobo (Simon Green) is one of the pillars of the UK’s pioneering electronic music label Ninja Tune  (Blockhead, The Cinematic Orchestra, Daedelus), and is among most well-known practitioners of what many generally refer to as “downtempo.” Though it’s fair to say he’s transcended that label with each and every album (2010’s Black Sands is my personal […]
The latest Shots Fired found Bonobo stepping into the Purple Room at Earwolf Studios. It’s theoretically named after Prince, but I have personally christened it after Killa Cam.  If you’re unfamiliar with the excellent English downtempo producer, you should right that by acquiring Black Sands and his new record, North Borders, that drops next month […]
Max Bell does not run from a good caveat. Up front, I don’t listen to “electronic” music or “dubstep” or “EDM” or whatever. At least not regularly. When it comes to anything that may or may not be labeled “electronic” music, I fall more in line with the downtempo, Ninja Tune-esque set. Blockhead (Interludes After […]
Black Sands and Bonobos April 27, 2010
During the four year-break between Bonobo albums, a seismic shift occurred in the world of bass music. Dubstep went from a minor blip bubbling up from the bongs of London to a widespread virus infecting beat music. As recent efforts from bass veterans Breakage and Autechcre displayed, it’s almost impossible not to note the impact […]
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