artworks-000074691535-4q7zni-t500x500DJ Mustard is basically the Derek Zoolander of hip-hop. But not the washed-up Derek Zoolander of the movie, but the D-Rock that we never saw, who could win every male modeling award with merely Blue Steel (and Ferrari and Le Tigre). Do these songs all sound the same? Pretty much. Do I still love them? I do. Maybe that speaks to internally failings, inherent left coast slant, or maybe it’s that Mustard is that good at McGyvering sounds out of his 808s drum kit.

I’ve been riding for TeeFlii for a year now, and it’s been cool to watch his rise. Neither he nor Ty Dolla Sign wants the Nate Dogg comparisons because Nate Dogg never had a hit solo record. The analogy is clearly imperfect, but in my mind, the highest compliment is a Nate Dogg comparison. This is no exaggeration. If you’re in a yoga class and doing a downward facing dog pose and someone compares you to Nate Dogg, it makes you one step closer to God. Did I mention I grew up in Los Angeles?  To show non-total bias, I will admit that “24 Hours” is not as good as “24 Hours to Live,” featuring Mase, the Lox and DMX. But I prefer it to 24, the television show and most other songs that I have ever heard with 24 in the title. 2 Chainz is basically the trap Bobby Digital, which I also endorse. So I like this song very much and I think you should listen to it or else you might end up in a plane commandeered by the Malaysian Prime Minister, and no one wants that.

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