TeeFLii connects with Evan Nabavian to talk about L.A. Reid and Sha-Money, becoming a father and much more.
Like the term "casual elegance," Evan Nabavian is beginning to embrace "Ratchet & Blues"
DJ Mustard is basically the Derek Zoolander of hip-hop. But not the washed-up Derek Zoolander of the movie, but the D-Rock that we never saw, who could win every male modeling award with merely Blue Steel (and Ferrari and Le Tigre). Do these songs all sound the same? Pretty much. Do I still love them? […]
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As the beat conveys, the fever for more cowbell remains inextinguishable. DJ Mustard understands the agricultural science to a hit and so does TeeFlii. Even though it’s probably the most profane single since “My Neck, My Back,” “This D” has earned on-the-hour rotation at Power 106. This is a remarkable feat considering Christian Jones has […]
Yes, that is a photo of Michael Jackson throwing up signs. This was but one of the many jewels dropped by TeeFLii on his visit to Shots Fired this week. Other topics covered include: FliiR&B, working with DJ Mustard and DJ Quik, krumping, why Michael Jackson is the greatest, and other instances of the power […]
Two days ago, I wrote about Tee Flii’s Annie Ruo’Tay tape and now the ratchet gods have smiled their crooked smile once again. The sequel is here with the harem augmented by two more collaborations with DJ Mustard and one with YG — making the sordid cypher complete. The tape is being presented by Mustard […]
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This was an inevitability. When rap routed its course into the world of the ratchet, it was only inevitable that R&B would soon follow. TY$ might have been the first to elucidate the capitalist and racial draft hierarchy of his cabana, but it was a matter of course that Mustard would uh, start spreading (sorry). […]