Jordan Ryan Pedersen kind of reviews Light in the Attic's new collection of Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie.
Will Schube always keeps the light on “If God had a disco, the DJ would be playing California gospel-soul group The Supreme Jubilees.” Or so say the folks over at Light in the Attic, who are re-introducing the world to the early 80s soul group with It’ll All Be Over. While Light in the Attic […]
Will Schube always keeps the lights on If Light In The Attic did nothing else besides re-introduce the world to Lee Hazlewood, they’d likely still be one of my favorite labels around. The mustachioed champion of lounging cowboy folk music is a personal hero, creator of the all-time great “Hey Cowboy” and winner of greatest […]
If it was up to Will Schube you’d all be dancing in the dark Attention: Folks who dream of hanging out at LA piano bars doing coke until 4 AM but weren’t born or fortunate enough to be around at that time: Light in the Attic’s got your back. The best re-issue label in town […]