Jimmy Ness lets his Soul Glo 100s (pronounced “hunnids”) was born in the wrong era. The 20 year old has been fascinated by the ‘70s since being exposed to American Pimp, Iceberg Slim’s autobiography and nuclear levels of hair spray. His parents moved him to the Ivory Coast due to failing grades and his last […]
I’ve spent a significant part of the last few years taking the death of gangster rap for granted. The narrative that I’ve run with tracks the rise in popularity of artists like (duh) Kanye West, the explicitly fake Rick Ross, and Drake, and the concurrent fall of Young Jeezy, the disappearance of 50 Cent, the […]
Will Hagle is looking for his activator.  Reducing Bay Area rapper 100s to a shadow of his pimp rap ancestors would be reductive. The truth is that 100s is comprised of shards of several other artists from various musical backgrounds. He talks a Short-esque pimp game, sure, but he also hails from the same city as the Based God. […]
100s just signed to Fools Gold, so the ostensible plan is to install him as the next hipster-approved hip-hop icon a la Danny Brown. And there are few better candidates. Ice Cold Perm remains the best rap debut of last year. I didn’t catch the Boosie influence until I read an interview where the Berkeley […]
A minute and a half of smooth but serrated raps from 100s, who remains my pick for best debut rap record of 2012 (if you think good kid was a real debut, you are using fuzzy math). Ryan Hemsworth on the beat. Bay Area pimpery and Boosie Bad Azz on the inspiration. Follicular inspirations courtesy of […]
Consider this an excuse to write again about the 100s, whose Ice Cold Perm has activated my iPod for the last month and one-upped Drake as the best half-Jewish half-black rapper alive. I knew we could do it. Blue Sky Black Death on the remix making beats that look like what you see when you […]
100s – Slow Drip[Official HD Music Video] from Chito Floriano on Vimeo. 100s: for all those trapped in the 90s. Newports. Check. Doggfather-inspired cover. Check. Relaxed hair and pimp talk a la Rappin’ 4-Tay. Check. I’ve been bumping “Slow Drip” and “My Activator” pretty steadily since Steady Bloggin’ put me up on the 19-year old […]
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