Will Schube takes a look at Ariel Pink's Saturday night lament, "Another Weekend."
Will Schube’s high school football team hired E-40 as their new offensive coordinator Ariel Pink has always been an artist rife with tensions, and pom pom, his latest work, stands both as an image of, and in direct opposition to, his persona. pom pom is Pink’s most nuanced, carefully crafted, cohesive, and layered record to […]
Peter Holslin relaxes to hardcore avant-garde improv jazz. Ariel Pink’s recent interview with The New Yorker reads like a master’s thesis in the art of trolling. In the span of just over 800 words, he manages to joke about suicide; compare Twitter controversies with the Rwandan genocide; proclaim love for pedophiles and necrophiliacs; diss his […]
Will Schube got something for the honies For all his oddities, Ariel Pink has settled into a consistently straightforward aesthetic over the course of his last three releases (and, not coincidentally, these are by far the best albums he’s ever made…it’s not even close, really). Bordering the periphery of silky smooth 70s AM radio and […]
Ariel Pink so chill that he’s included bro in the name of his new duo with Jorge Elbrecht. The group is officially titled, “Jorge Elbro,” and I can imagine Ariel Rosenberg smirking about the name through the smoke. As in the case of many legitimately brilliant talents, Pink seems to get less love from the […]
Posting this directly after the Yung Simmie post is extraordinary hypocrisy, but I relate to people whose tastes are schizophrenic. Ariel Pink teams up with Jorge Elbrecht to craft a swooning soft rock psychedelic catamaran ideal for the dog days of summer. This is probably why he includes the line “screw the pooch.” I think […]
I apologize for dropping this one on you with such short notice. But I will make amends by presenting a free show featuring Chicano Batman, an Ariel Pink DJ set, Open Mike Eagle, and Wild Pack of Canaries, who may or may not be a giant cage of birds that I will unleash at the […]
In order to fulfill our court-mandated quota to keep the world apprised of the developments of the ever-dependable Dam-Funk, I bring to you the latest miniature masterpiece from the funkiest man on terra firma. Late last month, Dam slide into the Dublab studios to drop a pre-Funkmosphere set (now every Thursday at the Virgil). The […]
In which Ariel Pink re-enacts the Highland Park version of the Parker Posey episodes of Louie. Except with 80s childhood remembrance summoned not through musical signifiers but through the faded camcorder tint, flashing “Play” signs, Polaroids and sitcom credit shrugs. It is as cheesy, sincere, ironic, hilarious and great as all of Mature Themes. Let’s […]