Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish put out solo efforts this year, but are the Cool Kids really finished?
Brad Beatson was the first to wear skinny jeans. Boom Bap and slick raps, it’s what The Cool Kids were made of. Of late, Chuck Inglish has improved greatly as a rapper whereas Sir Michael Rocks has abandoned his lane to get stuck in the syrup traffic. Here Inglish is joined by Soulo-ho and Easy […]
Max Bell¬†majored in English. I’ve always dug the name Chuck Inglish. It sounds like the name of a man affiliated with O.E., a man who might drop some good rhymes in, well, English (On the block with a Robert Horry jersey from the Rockets/Poetic with my sonnets” – “Drops”). ¬†And, honestly, the name’s always sounded […]
Boldy James – For the Birds September 26, 2012
“For the Birds” is the best song about a brick I’ve heard all year. It’s rough. It’s gutter. It’s catchy. Let’s start with the hook: “Birds of a feather flock together and you winging it / Man, this shit is for the birds and I need a brick / Quick, a twenty-eight by thirty-six / […]