The dance music wrap returns (under a new name) with words on DJ Taye, Slimburn, and more.
The Cool Kids once again come unmoored in time.
Will Hagle speaks with Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks about creating on your own terms, Chicago, and social media.
Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish put out solo efforts this year, but are the Cool Kids really finished?
Jimmy Ness only fools with charcoal “Welcome to the land where it just don’t stop. Trunks pop, tops drop, and the front-end hop.” I like to imagine summer is a lot like the world Houston rapper Fat Pat [RIP] describes on “Tops Pop,” where the music is funky, the cars have impractical modifications and the […]
Zilla Rocca is a 5 O’clock Shadowboxer holding the sector After the hellish winter we suffered along the east coast in 2013-2014, where 60 inches of snow pelted us into psychological mince meat, the spring of 2014 has been a mirage of sorts – 80 degree temperatures overtaken by rain, cool nights, and beautiful sunny […]
Dewey Decibel is an emcee/visual artist from Philadelphia who has a deep love for breakfast foods and brunettes. This is a mixtape that reminds me of the ones I used to make for myself when I was in High School. I would dub cassette tapes with all of my favorite hip hop tracks jammed together […]
Brad Beatson saw what you did there. When two of your favorite artists tango and drop an unexpected gift, it presents for a drop-everything-and-lose-it opportunity. Then it happened twice this week and I slipped into a hedonistic binge. St. Vincent and Darkside. Action Bronson and Chuck Inglish. The efforts are as good as you could […]
Brad Beatson owns 88 Starter Jackets. Yesterday, Chuck Inglish tweeted a link to a brand new Cool Kids song. A short while later, Sir Michael Rocks dropped another. The raps take you back. There is referential flexing over their signature sound, with more cowbell. Fear not, they don’t wreak of nostalgia. Chuck has done a […]
Max Bell majored in English. I’ve always dug the name Chuck Inglish. It sounds like the name of a man affiliated with O.E., a man who might drop some good rhymes in, well, English (On the block with a Robert Horry jersey from the Rockets/Poetic with my sonnets” – “Drops”).  And, honestly, the name’s always sounded […]