The Cool Kids once again come unmoored in time.
Will Hagle speaks with Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks about creating on your own terms, Chicago, and social media.
Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish put out solo efforts this year, but are the Cool Kids really finished?
Brad Beatson on the beat.  I dream a lot in the winter. When I’m confined to my apartment thanks to wind chill, the dreams tend to amplify. And so they anchor this mix, along with lines that make me reminisce, allow me to recover, or inspire me to plot my next move. These songs show […]
Brad Beatson owns 88 Starter Jackets. Yesterday, Chuck Inglish tweeted a link to a brand new Cool Kids song. A short while later, Sir Michael Rocks dropped another. The raps take you back. There is referential flexing over their signature sound, with more cowbell. Fear not, they don’t wreak of nostalgia. Chuck has done a […]
Max Bell majored in English. I’ve always dug the name Chuck Inglish. It sounds like the name of a man affiliated with O.E., a man who might drop some good rhymes in, well, English (On the block with a Robert Horry jersey from the Rockets/Poetic with my sonnets” – “Drops”).  And, honestly, the name’s always sounded […]