Ben Grenrock takes a look at 'A7PHA,' the collaborative album between Doseone and Mestizo.
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Ben Grenrock looks back at cLOUDDEAD's self-titled avant-rap classic.
The name “Anticon” has always been a code for how you viewed what hip hop could be, not how it should sound. Last year, Anticon celebrated their 15th anniversary. Unlike their contemporaries Stones Throw, Def Jux, and Rhymesayers, there were no documentaries, festivals, or goodbye parties thrown in their honor. It’s hard to celebrate an […]
Will Schube has two guns — one for each of ya doseone isn’t tenacious. His musical approach is variable: his flow shifts dozens of times per minute; his cadence—while not totally diverse—rarely settles into a comfortable pocket for an extended period of time; and his beats represent the aesthetic of a hip-hop junkie. doseone raps […]