Thomas Johnson takes a look at El-P's 2007 classic, 'I'll Sleep When Your Dead,' ten years after its original release.
Chris Daly explains why the RTJ Tiny Desk concert is the best consolation prize around.
Doc Zeus sifts through the post-election haze, finding great power in El-P and Killer Mike's latest, Run the Jewels 3.
Chris Daly used to hide new VHS releases behind workout videos It’s not often a song snippet is going to get mentioned here, but it’s not all that often that Run The Jewels drops a single teaser via Twitter, either. Out of seemingly no where, El-P tweeted that the next album, creatively named RTJ2, “is […]
No introduction necessary. The cat-loving gentleman who makes beats harder than carpet bombs came on the latest episode of Shots Fired. We talked about pop star cyborgs, running an indie-rap label, the greatness of Bell Biv Devoe, his Run the Jewels partnership with Killer Mike, the early years of Company Flow, and much more. Rap […]
Chris Daly once killed a man using only a stale fruit cake. If you want to know what we think of Run the Jewels self-titled album, look no further than our Top 50 Albums of 2013 list, so there’s no need to rehash that here.  What you may be less of aware of, though, is […]
Illustrations and larceny by Brad Beatson A step-by-step guide on how to Run The Jewels: Channel your inner Super Villain (fuck what you heard, bad guys are often misunderstood) Befriend the animals (El is fond of hounds and whales; Mike is especially fond of wolves and African elephants)
Max Bell wrote his own eulogy with cocaine hands. While the attacks of 9/11 aren’t mentioned explicitly, El-P’s Fantastic Damage might be the only N.Y. hip-hop album from 2002 that sonically captures the horror of the terror alert era.  Though there’s really not much competition. Cam’ron’s Come Home With Me dropped the same day (May […]
There might not be a more dynamic duo in rap music right now than Killer Mike and El-P. Responsible for two of last year’s finest releases in R.A.P. Music and Cancer4Cure, they’ve returned as Run the Jewels with a new full-length and a massive, summer-long tour with Despot and Kool AD. That’s one hell of […]