Abe Beame dons his Versace to explore the catalog of the ATL stars and deliver a mix of choice tracks.
Dan from the Internet breaks down the historic event that is the release of Migos' C U L T U R E.
Featuring Lil Herb, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Migos, Lord Byron, Montana of 300 and Kid Cudi.
Torii MacAdams has a lower middle class timeline Disappointment’s a motherfucker. I’m dumb enough, ugly enough, and old enough to have experienced all the bitter, tropical flavors Disappointment comes in, particularly in regard to rap music. I bought Murs’ disastrous major label debut, Murs For President. I still have a shirt he autographed at Rock […]
Torii MacAdams is the Rap Game Nick Dunne Who’s the King of The South? Very few rappers can lay serious claim to the title, but if between 2004 and 2009 you’d have said “Lil Wayne,” few would have batted an eyelash. The dreadlocked goblin capitalized on incredibly fallow years in rap music with a non-stop […]
The Curious Case of the Chain-Less 3 Migos
By Deen
Max Bell had a turkey sandwich and strawberries for lunch. You cannot compare Migos to The Beatles. The music, decades, and locales are as distant as they are dissimilar. Yet people on Twitter continue to claim the brothers bando are better than Liverpool’s biggest band pre Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Flock of Seagulls. Some are probably being facetious; […]
Bonus points afforded to “New Atlanta” for the forcible conscription of Jermaine “Funkdafied” Dupri from whatever gold-plated bunker he’s been hiding in. Points subtracted for avoiding updating the “Welcome to Atlanta” list of popping clubs on any given night. There are people still going to Stroker’s on Lean on Wednesday nights and walking away wildly […]
Harold Stallworth is signed to Biv 10 Records. With the exception of Wu-Tang Clan’s world-igniting double disc and the Rhythm Blunt Cru’s wayward Dirty 30 LP, I’m of the opinion that no rap album warrants more than two dozen tracks. So it should go without saying that Migos’ impromptu release, No Label 2, weighing in at […]
Dan Adu Gyamfi’s plug looks like Tchaikovsky. ([email protected]) Zaytoven has helped to define trap music over the last decade.He’s branded his style: “Hard club music with nice, friendly melodies.” Even if you don’t recognize his name, you’re familiar with the list of Atlanta stars whose sound he’s entirely or partially shaped: Gucci Mane, Future, Migos, […]