Mellowhype launch decoys September 14, 2012
Son Raw’s teeth grind like a skater do Could Odd Future make a comeback in the second half? After a mediocre compilation album complete with the worst videos since D12 and The Internet’s soporific Chillwave reheat, the once shocking group seemed in danger of becoming a permanent asterix in rap – the kind of entity […]
Son Raw quit smoking. No for real. Domo Genesis carries weed but he’s no weed carrier. That’s the mission statement behind No Idols, the first Odd Future release created entirely with an outside producer and Domo’s calling card to a wider rap world still unsure of where OF fit in. It’s a smart move, Rolling […]
Jonah Bromwich once confessed to chopping down an orange tree. Everyone really wants Channel Orange to be a great album and that includes me. I’m a sucker for stories just like everyone else. I like the way that Frank Ocean opened up about his sexuality, I like the way it’s been received and I like […]
Son Raw would like to share a few thoughts. Domo Genesis carries weed but he clearly aspires to more than weed carrier status. While I wasn’t particularly impressed by his contributions to the OF Tape 2, that’s probably due to the project’s general lack of focus and sub-par production. Rolling papers was dope but that […]
Slava P is just saying that this album has a John Mayer guest spot. Start Playstation noises. All “classic” albums begin with a short intro. Thinking About You Same vocals, third mix. Callow, endearing lyrics. But over-produced. Fertilizer Flipping through channels, a commercial for shit. Or, a love song. Or both. Sierra Leone Sleepy and […]
Jonah Bromwich’s favorite Pharaoh was Monch. Frank Ocean seems to have taken advantage of his Kanye/Jay affiliation to hype his upcoming album with the single “Pyramids,” which I’m sure has resulted in the spontaneous combustion of several Illuminati conspiracy theorist brains. “Pyramids” is more Shakespearean than it is Bavarian, a kind of mash-up of Othello […]
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Son Raw is knocking another one off the to-do list. So…hey. We never reviewed this, in my case because I wanted to take some time to figure out why it wasn’t clicking. Long story short, man is this OF Tape boring. The vast majority of the tracks are completely forgetable compared to their previous work […]
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Tosten Burks is tired. You can argue that these Ladera loons are played out, but you can’t say they’re not all improving as artists. The absurdly titled PNCINTLOFWGTKA off of Casey Veggies’s new mixtape, the name of which doesn’t really matter, is grinning, grimy proof of this. Tyler’s production is just Neptunes enough to turn […]
FAT TAPE – March 2012 March 27, 2012
Abe Beame is in a different world and you kind of look like Jasmine Guy. Download:  Hodgy Beats – “In a Dream” As most people observed when this dropped, Hodgy’s Untitled EP is a vision of what OF could’ve been if the internet didn’t ruin everything. To me, the projects harkens back to when […]
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Son Raw is off his meds. We didn’t post Rella to this site because frankly, it wasn’t worth your time. Trolling Centaur-Tyler and a Pitchfork-annoying bitchslap weren’t enough to cover the fact that Hodgy and Domo aren’t the two guys you want holding down a crew album and the whole thing felt depressingly D12ish. The […]