Tomorrow night at Lot 1 in Echo Park. Be there be turned into a gold statue on DJ Khaled's front lawn.
We’re presenting a rap show on Thursday for people who like rap shows. Maybe you enjoy a good old fashioned rap show? If not, maybe you have accidentally clicked onto the wrong site. The confusion may be my fault. We are in the promise of revitalizing the prestigious Cat Fancy brand in order to create […]
Since Halloween falls on a weekend this year, we decided to present a show on a Thursday. I am what they might refer to as temporally limited. But even though Scarface will not be banging sacks of flour over the heads of young trick-or-treaters, I will play “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” if you attend. […]
The New York Times shouted out tomorrow (Tuesday) night’s book reading/panel discussion featuring myself, my co-author, Evan McGarvey, Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 and Dru-Ha of Duck Down. By “shout out,” I mean, soberly invoked in black and white print. You can find all the information here. Housing Works. 126 Crosby Street. 7 p.m. Cheese, […]
For those who don’t even know, I have a book out. It is about Biggie and 2Pac and co-authored with the estimable Evan McGarvey.  You can buy it at Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, and hopefully in bootlegged form on Canal Street. An excerpt is available to read at the Red Bull Music Academy. […]
It’s with sadness and no small amount of disdain that Passion of the Weiss will not be participating in tonight’s show at Harvard & Stone. Last evening, I received word from a third-party that someone at Harvard & Stone had taken a closer look at the bill that I had helped to curate alongside Chicano […]
I apologize for dropping this one on you with such short notice. But I will make amends by presenting a free show featuring Chicano Batman, an Ariel Pink DJ set, Open Mike Eagle, and Wild Pack of Canaries, who may or may not be a giant cage of birds that I will unleash at the […]
Due to a spontaneous and drug-induced act of benevolence, we have decided to make tonight’s show donation-only. Meaning that if you show up, it would be cool if you can give a few bucks so Fat Tony doesn’t enact retribution by ruining my burgeoning snack distribution business. It’s hard out here for a pretzel peddler. […]