There’s a lot to say about 7 Days of Funk, but conversely, you really only need to say, this is some deliriously funky shit. It’s to be expected from the two funkiest men to have spent serious time in the (213). 2013 has proved the durability of the 40-plus rapper. Eminem and Jay-Z will easily […]
You Got What I Eat October 9, 2013
Chris Daly would like a hot pocket. Every once in a great while, a group of talented individuals comes together for a combined, concerted effort that makes the world a better place. Julius Caesar, Pompeius Magnus and Marcus Crassus formed the First Triumvirate, which helped to shape Rome as it expanded its grip on the […]
Slava P wrote this while wearing Coolwater Cologne. You’re sitting in the passenger seat of a car. It’s a hot, muggy Los Angeles afternoon and you’re with your friend in his low-riding convertible, cruising down the boulevard as the wind gently pushes upon your jehri curl. The soundtrack for your excursion consists of melodic synthesizers, […]
“The pimp game is a beautiful game because you can go to bed with nothing and wake up with everything.” — Suga Free. There are blunts, Taylor Swift talk, pimp talk, and Suga Free and Snoop freestyling over an unreleased Dam-Funk song. This is the greatest thing you will see today.
The best part of this interview is obviously when Nardwuar gives Snoop the vinyls of The Dream Team and The Posse Volume 2. The Snoop Lion guise is immediately dropped and he starts doing old school electro-funk sing-a-longs and talking about the days when people would beat you with a baseball bat for turning on […]
Straight out of an alternate utopian 1983 comes this slice of turquoise-colored funk that somehow slipped under everyone’s notice this week. Mayer Hawthorne and Snoop, remixed by Dam-Funk, who adds a beautiful sunset to what was already a smooth ride. Every Sunday needs some soul music. Download: MP3: Mayer Hawthorne ft. Snoop Dogg (Dam-Funk G-Mix) […]
Action Bronson swings by GGN. No. They couldn’t get the roast turkey. But they did get the trippy stick. A must when backflipping from a plane onto a jet ski, doing an interview, or waiting for your tart fennel with the apple at ‘the restaurant.’ Puffing hibiscus, Bronsolino gives those who haven’t been following along […]
Max Bell bought a lot of St. Ides when he was 4. In 1971, Jean Knight asked Mr. Big Stuff, ‘Who do you think you are?’ In response, a newborn boy by the name of Calvin Broadus spoke his first words: ‘I’m muthafuckin Snoop Dogg, baby.’ It’s rumored that the boy didn’t speak for years […]
It’s a distant memory now, but the guys from The Wash were once two of the most terrifying men in music. More importantly, they were two of the funkiest. Rap could use far less four on the floor and far more funk. Via Crates of JR.
Swag Like A Lighter April 4, 2011
For all the fauxlosophical treatises scrawled on “Trapped in the Clost, the “Ignition Remix,” and his certain unforgivable character traits (DEFINE UNDERAGE), R Kelly’s gifts can be distilled to a pretty simple arithmetic: melody + voice + comedy + charisma. Or as he would say, “swag like a lighter.” I’m not even sure what that […]
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