Jonah Bromwich is the write game Telemachus. Tyler the Creator’s new video is wildly entertaining in the style of the old Eminem spots for songs like “Without Me,” and “Real Slim Shady.”   It would be worth posting simply for that reason: to see Tyler poking fun at himself, running through a rainbow montage of absurd […]
This interview with Tyler, The Creator from Elliot Wilson’s CRWN Series is probably the closest I’ve seen to him letting down his guard and be the actual person that he is in real life. If you missed it, I wrote a LA Weekly cover story on him a little while ago, and he was the […]
I like everything about this. The old man goofball glee that Letterman gets from saying “Earl Sweatshirt.” The Temptations back-up dancing provided by Tyler and Earl during Domo’s verse. Tyler’s air guitar solo. The St. Louis Cardinal’s Starter jacket. Earl’s return to become everything rap fans had hoped. Tyler’s purposefully corny tucked in shirt and […]
Jonah Bromwich is anti-OF-thinkpiece I followed the original conversation about Odd Future from a distance.  I was too young to shake my head with the herd of conservative progressives and too old to get swept up in the rabidity of their newfound cult.  I wish I could make like an anti-war pundit ten years later […]
After the fiasco that is Wale, Deen had to throw his allegiance to some other rapper of Nigerian descent. Some of the more perceptive among you may have noticed that I don’t sleep much. I spend a lotta late hours deciding what pron to fap to and listening to music like some sorta creep. The […]
By Deen
Colin Small is the Google Boss. The weirdest thing about internet shitstorms is that we all know they’re shitstorms and yet we actively involve ourselves, either as righteous participants or entranced observers. No matter how much we want to forget about the “Harlem Shake” meme or the whiney backlash of two weeks ago, we don’t […]
In which Odd Future reaches that bizarre nexus where the Internet is completely over them but they can rack up a quarter million YouTube hits before you can say “Fookie Bookie.” Shades of Eminem’s “Real Slim Shady” in the pro wrestler/superheroish conceit and rapid-fire rappity raps. The question raised: Are we getting to the point […]
In which Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Captain conspire to win the 2012 Award for Madvillainy. I’ve said this a million times, but the Rawkus-turned-Rick Ross fans who scorned Doom and Madlib fans forgot that mainstream music has always been influenced by underground ideas. Sometimes it takes a generation. Why else would Kanye […]
Tosten Burks is tired. You can argue that these Ladera loons are played out, but you can’t say they’re not all improving as artists. The absurdly titled PNCINTLOFWGTKA off of Casey Veggies’s new mixtape, the name of which doesn’t really matter, is grinning, grimy proof of this. Tyler’s production is just Neptunes enough to turn […]
Sach O is a fuckin table. You think you’re sick of hearing about Odd Future? Ask Tyler. Artists hating their own success is a well-worn trope, but the burning glare of the hype machine has never been so swift and vicious: the kid hasn’t even released a CD and yet he’s become the single most […]
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