We’re presenting a rap show on Thursday for people who like rap shows. Maybe you enjoy a good old fashioned rap show? If not, maybe you have accidentally clicked onto the wrong site. The confusion may be my fault. We are in the promise of revitalizing the prestigious Cat Fancy brand in order to create […]
Max Bell guesses like the jeans Prolificacy is usually equated with prominence. Raise your digital flag daily or sink amidst the coded stream. Rappers usually feel compelled to bear this burden more than most, fearful of being relegated to blog freezers. Thankfully, there are rappers like L.A.’s Versis, those who’ve long risen above the fear, […]
Astrud Gilberto, Dibia$e, psychedelic visuals of B-Boy alien skeletons smoking blunts? Where do I sign the contract and do I get a mid-level exception? Then there is Versis, the 20-year old Angeleno, who continues to progress with every track. He uses his Twitter to endorse Bibio and the Theremin and raps in the vein of […]
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Okayplayer, meet your new poster boy. Beats from Exile and Dibia$e, flow of a pre-psychedelic Blu, plus premature nostalgia. Admittedly, this is slightly overly comfortable and boasts a mild case of backpackitis. But for his lane, Versis is the best in a minute. I will take him any day over mid-range Slauson rappers, Fashawn and […]
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