Frank N Beats Mix: 002 April 23, 2014
Aaron Frank woke up early on his bornday This month’s mix is mostly instrumental, but it’s difficult to ignore the vast crop of talented producers coming out of the UK at the moment. In waiting a couple extra days to put this mix together, I was able to score new tracks from two of my […]
Aaron Frank is wearing crushed out velour. This mix is in continuation of a series I started on my old website a few years back. The series was initially designed to share my latest finds in the electronic and hip-hop genres with friends old and new. Three years after moving away from my hometown, I […]
The Return of The Horrors February 28, 2014
Aaron Frank is a 4th cousin, twice removed from Bela Lugosi. The Horrors’ new single is a bold statement about their current direction in style. On their first two albums, the UK psych-rockers were heartbroken and bitter, and dressed the part. With 2011’s Skying and their new single “I See You,” it’s clear they moved […]
Much like the Grammy’s, the Academy’s selection process is questionable. Though it may seem that more often than not The Oscars do a good job of picking the cream of the crop, there are any number of outstanding films in a given year that will undoubtedly be left behind. So a few of us have […]
Aaron Frank is appearing on the second episode of the Bret Easton Ellis podcast. While Dam Funk maintained an impressive reign over the funk genre in 2013, the next generation is hot on his heels, most notably Oakland producer B. Bravo, who blessed us with this blistering new premiere. I’ve always considered B. Bravo the […]
Aaron Frank wrote this on a catamaran. There’s no way to circumvent that Pure Bathing Culture sound a lot like Beach House. Aside from the similarities in instrumentation, both bands are female fronted duos trafficking in similar strains of hazy dream-pop. But on occasion, you’ll see a new artist successfully re-purposing and expanding a template […]
Art by Thomas Hawk James Blake is one of few modern electronic artists who has managed to stay relevant both commercially and within the underground community that birthed him. Since exploding onto the scene with two groundbreaking experimental EPs and a widely applauded commercial full-length, Blake has stayed true to his underground roots by releasing […]
Paranoia seems to pervade every aspect of Zomby’s life, so I didn’t even attempt to go through his publicist to arrange this interview. Not only does he keep his identity a secret, he wouldn’t let his dog be included in a photograph, explaining that an ex-girlfriend had been stalking him. Considering the low probability, I […]
Brothers Daniel and Andrew Aged of the LA-based duo inc. concluded their run as session and touring musicians in 2009. After playing live with Elton John and 50 Cent and spending time in the studio with Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, they became disillusioned with the stilted environment of the pop world and decided they […]
  Aaron Frank has it. Cloud-based streaming services like Spotify and Rdio still have some issues to smooth out with artist compensation, but I’m certainly not alone in feeling that the pros outweigh the cons. With such an expansive collection of music at your fingertips, it’s undoubtedly been a game-changer. The most notable impact Spotify […]