Frank N Beats Mix 007 December 16, 2014
 Aaron Frank is a hybrid Black Messiah/Black Hippy First off, I want to offer my sincerest apology for my recent absence. As it usually happens during the holidays, I’ve recently been faced with a torrential onslaught of bullshit, which includes several major personal and family matters. However, my brief respite from Passion of the Weiss […]
If you’re keeping track of the James Blake rap collaborations, his union with Chance the Rapper is superior to his one with RZA. But the RZA told me earlier today in an interview that “the world has the power to make it bong bong for everyone.” I was feeling sick and now I am healed, […]
Son Raw is jetlagged. Do not adjust your monitors – I’m actually posting on Passion of the Weiss again, much to the chagrin of those who hate Grime music and to the joy and/or slight interest of those who do. Having spent the past three months abroad with little to no access to new music, […]
Art by Thomas Hawk James Blake is one of few modern electronic artists who has managed to stay relevant both commercially and within the underground community that birthed him. Since exploding onto the scene with two groundbreaking experimental EPs and a widely applauded commercial full-length, Blake has stayed true to his underground roots by releasing […]
Aaron Frank is so retrograde he only wears Helly Hanson. It’s only been a year since James Blake released his last EP, but in the time since, dubstep has been fully commercialized and we’ve been left to suffer the unavoidable wrath of EDM. So when Blake’s forthcoming album Overgrown was announced yesterday, it was welcome […]
Son Raw doesn’t pose for no one. Maybe Brent Rollins. There’s no politically correct way of saying that James Blake’s music is infinitely better when he works with black voices so fuck political correctness. While a few twee outlets went nuts over his LP last year, almost everyone previously familiar with his work found it […]