Luke Benjamin takes a look at the return of Baton Rouge star NBA YoungBoy.
Believe Scotty Cain July 16, 2015
Scotty Cain might be Baton Rouge's next great rapper if he ever gets out of jail.
Racked Up Ready--also known as Young Ready--has reportedly been killed in Bogalusa, La. Paul Thompson pays tribute to a Louisiana legend.
Kevin Gates: everybody’s sworn favorite — except for the one guy in the comments section who insists otherwise.  We celebrate complicated personalities in rap — at least in the post-Kanye world. I have met few more tough to categorize than the Baton Rouge vampire-loving auto-tune-using anti-materialist who loves luxury goods. Sometimes. I guess by dint […]
I met Max Minelli in a strip mall parking lot on a broiling Baton Rouge May afternoon. The  Boosie trial had just ended and the city was slowly settling back into its usual hair trigger lull. We spoke for about an hour, pausing every ten minutes when a different patron passed by, stopped, and strolled […]