In tribute to the late JayDaYoungan (RIP), a never-run 2018 feature on the Bogalusa rapper by Jeff Weiss.
The Best of Boosie Mix March 18, 2021
Go home, set it off, and get your mail.
Take a listen to Kevin Gates' excellent first project, recently uploaded by DJ Ya Boy Earl.
Believe Scotty Cain July 16, 2015
Scotty Cain might be Baton Rouge's next great rapper if he ever gets out of jail.
Ain’t no love like Boosie love. Ain’t no hate like Boosie hate. What makes him special is that he only inhabits the extremes. It’s too early to accurately assess where Life After Death Row fits in the Boosieography, but for the moment, let’s just all sit in wonder and appreciation that this exists at all. […]
Skip town for a week and you inevitably wind up behind on the latest round from the bard of Baton Rouge. The week I go to New York, Boosie ends up on DJ Skee’s show on AXS TV performing “Smoking on That Purple,” thereby depriving me of the meta experience of exhaling velvet clouds while […]
Should you ever question the devotion of Boosie fans, watch the above video of Bad Azz performing “Set It Off” in Cashville. He doesn’t even need to rap, they roar back every word. During my savage life sabbatical in BR, I played “Set it Off” for a pair of girls, who looked at me and […]
Jimmy Ness is eating sashimi in Wales. Heavily inked, emotionally scarred and fresh out of the slammer, Kevin Gates returns with 16 bi-polar bangers. By Any Means is less personal than last year’s Stranger Than Fiction and The Luca Brasi Story, but the Louisiana’s rappers remains one of the best young gangsta rappers this side […]
Updated: Now you can download these as Zip Folders. Best of Boosie Part I and Best of Boosie Part II Since Wednesday’s release of Lil Boosie, the most common question I’ve been getting is where do you start with his music? The answer is difficult because Boosie has a discography as deep as Lil Wayne […]