In tribute to the late JayDaYoungan (RIP), a never-run 2018 feature on the Bogalusa rapper by Jeff Weiss.
Doc Zeus explains how Kevin Gates' found mainstream success without pandering to mainstream crowds.
This old picture of Boosie is everything: the jewels, the paternal love, the gap-toothed impish grin.  I digress. There are two reasons for this post. The first is that in case you missed it, Boosie remains incarcerated, despite the spate of racist hoax stories that disseminated across the web earlier this week. I spoke with […]
2013 has regrettably arrived and vanished without a single 10-year anniversary article on Ghetto Stories, the album that broke Webbie and Boosie outside of Louisiana. I understand it’s not easy to wrangle Mel and Turk, Webbie or Boosie, but someone could’ve at least called up Mouse on tha Track to rattle off a few memories. […]
There are two essential reasons why this post exists: the first is obviously Mystikal. Every time I write one of these posts, I feel a twinge of uneasiness considering Mystikal was convicted of an indefensible crime. It’s a little strange to write posts in all caps about OMG MYSTIKAL, but yo, listen to this man […]