As mentioned yesterday, Richmond’s own IAMSU! took a trip down Interstate 5 to make his second appearance in the Cosmic Zoo. The co-founder of the HBK Crew talked to us about basketball, the based God, buying weed brownies in Berkeley, Bay Rap, and his latest album, Sincerely Yours. In addition, Nocando and I talked about […]
The new Shots Fired is here to appease your workday melancholy and fill the void of bad Macklemore jokes. Some things you can set your watch by. This week’s guest is Clyde Carson, who you may be familiar with from his hyphy days with The Team or 2012’s “Slow Down.” We talked about everything from […]
Best song with “Cat” in the title since “Cat Daddy?” Pretty obviously. I for one am enthused that cat owners are getting their fair share of attention from a rap game that has been exclusively pro-dog since well before X told us that pit bulls were his only pals. You shouldn’t have to choose between […]