Will Hagle shows us a side of Outkast you've never heard before.
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Chris Daly breaks down the latest track from Dangermouse, featuring Big Boi and Run the Jewels.
The Dungeon Family and ATL's rise, the Grammys performance with Earth Wind and Fire, the Future and Outkast.
Will this be remembered as the year everyone finally gave up on the idea of an Outkast reunion? Between Kendrick, K.R.I.T. and all halfway rap fusionists, their legacy remains the pink elephant in the room (to match Andre’s suspenders.) But the slow drip of articles touting “OUTKAST IN THE STUDIO” have gone ghost. Andre is […]
Tosten Burks prefers “Speakerboxx” to “The Love Below,” not that it matters. I shouldn’t feel an obligation to post Big Boi singles, but for some reason offering up this track from upcoming album, Victorious Lies and Dangerous Rumors feels morally satisfying. It’s not an underdog thing. Good music is good music, and less-than-good music is […]