Son Raw examines 'Those Moments,' the latest LP from Blackdown.
Son Raw's Grime & Bass wrap returns with new music from Wen, Blackdown, and more.
Son Raw's grime wrap returns with a stellar accompanying mix.
Blackdown on Big Narstie
Dusk & Blackdown told you so October 22, 2014
Back 2 Go FWD is a victory lap of sorts - a knowing smirk acknowledging that the sounds Dusk & Blackdown are shepherding are once again at the vanguard of the Hardcore Continuum's latest transformation. Far from overpowering the music however, this new-found swagger suits the duo like a glove, resulting in their most physically engaging production yet.
Son Raw is the ghost of Garage’s future. I was going to tune in to Dusk and Blackdown’s monthly Rinse show live last Sunday, but good weather and a picnic opportunity got in the way. They’re English, I’m sure they’ll understand the appeal of an honest to goodness sunny day. Besides, this is the podcast […]
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