Son Raw's Grime & Bass wrap returns with new music from Wen, Blackdown, and more.
Wen, Visionist, and a rework of that Joe Buddens track?
The latest, best music from the genre.
Son Raw is swimming with the sharks now Part 1 dropped last week, get fully familiar. First up, Celestial Trax has followed up his debut single on Rinse with the Verticals Video for Purple Tape Pedigree (see above), promoting their new streetwear collection and their debut NYC show, next Saturday. What these means, in practical […]
Son Raw saw the signs. Before we talk about Wen, let’s talk about Keysound, a label that’s officially having its moment in the sun. Born of the same mid aughts explosion that gave us Hyperdub, Tectonic, and Deep Medi, Keysound’s early records weren’t just left of center – they were left of everything. While future […]
Son Raw’s continuing look at the instrumental Grime scene. Ya ‘dun know. Part 1 here.  15 – Bloom Bloom fucked with everyone’s head in 2K12 and kept the madness rolling this year with choice remixes and a release on Visionist’s Lost Codes label. His music wasn’t pretty but it damn sure was effective thanks to […]
Son Raw experienced this mix at a rate of 7 bruck outs per song. Both Mumdance and Wen have had banner years, with the former reinventing his drum-machine heavy sound in collaboration with Logos, Pinch and Mao and the later practically inventing his own hybrid form combining Dubstep’s darkness, Grime’ urban aggression and Funky’s slink. […]
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Son Raw will be in Europe next spring. Can’t come soon enough. Butterz just turned 5 this weekend, celebrating with their first Room 2 takeover at Fabric and a 4 hour Rinse session with more or less every major producer that’s ever graced their presence. Looking at that photo, it’s a bit hard not to […]
Wen’s Hedmuk mix July 29, 2013
Son Raw isn’t easily impressed I don’t usually bother with other blogs to find new music. If it’s big, the majors  will pick up on it, if it’s small then it won’t make it past Soundcloud and if it’s rap, someone here’s covering it. Hedmuk is the exception: a small UK outlet that’s gone above […]