An Interview With Murlo September 11, 2023
Michael McKinney speaks to the Manchester multi-hyphenate electronic artist about discovering club music in university, the relationship between his different mediums, including visual art, 3D modeling and more.
Michael McKinney returns for the latest edition of Slam on the CDJ to highlight the best DJ sets from the past month, featuring boxofbox, Job Jobse, Tarotplane and more.
Son Raw goes in on the electronic artist's excellent new album.
Son Raw's Grime & Bass wrap up returns with new ones from Finn, P-Jam, Murlo, and more.
Murlo remixes Fetty Wap so we can all see better.
JT the Goon and Murlo are Starsky and Hutch, except English. And they're not cops. And they produce music. Basically the only thing these two duos have in common is the cool factor, but I think that's enough to warrant the comparison nonetheless.
Son Raw is bringing back the wrap up in a desperate attempt to catch up on some great music that didn't get posted. He sacrifices his lifestyle so you don't have to.
There's always been a weird uncanny valley effect to Murlo's music where South and East Asian tonalities and instruments collide to create world music from a country that doesn't really exist.