Son Raw is swimming with the sharks now Part 1 dropped last week, get fully familiar. First up, Celestial Trax has followed up his debut single on Rinse with the Verticals Video for Purple Tape Pedigree (see above), promoting their new streetwear collection and their debut NYC show, next Saturday. What these means, in practical […]
Son Raw can’t figure out of this column is monthly or bi-weekly. No intros needed, you know the drill – nothing but the freshest Grime and Bass music to have dropped over the past couple of weeks.
Son Raw will be in Europe next spring. Can’t come soon enough. Butterz just turned 5 this weekend, celebrating with their first Room 2 takeover at Fabric and a 4 hour Rinse session with more or less every major producer that’s ever graced their presence. Looking at that photo, it’s a bit hard not to […]
Parris on a mission October 29, 2013
Everyone’s going to be at Fabric and Son Raw is just sitting here in Canada. Parris is a name I’d seen thrown around with Wen, Moleskin, Rabit, Beneath and other up and coming DJs at the periphery of Grime/UK music’s new wave, but without a release or even much completed work on his Soundcloud page, […]