Chris Daly can go twenty rounds with you on Centipede The concept is simple enough: The Galactic Skratch Federation held a contest to see who the baddest DJ in the stars was. Naturally, Qbert was in the mix, and two albums resulted–Extraterrestria and GalaXXXian. The latteris comprised of “Earthly beats,” while the formeris to be […]
Chris Daly will whip anybody’s ass in NBA Live As you may recall, DJ QBert launched a KickStarter to fund a couple of upcoming albums and accompanying film project. Surprising no one, the native San Franciscan hit his totals with time to spare. Last time I checked, he was $28K and some change past his […]
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As promised last week, there is a new Shots Fired with San Francisco turntablist legend, DJ Qbert. He steps into the Cosmic Zoo with aplomb to discuss aliens, the Illuminati, trips to the porn store with a young Kool Keith, and the evolution of his career. There are also stories about his early years working […]