Chris Daly looks at Tobacco's Sweatbox Dynasty, due out April 19th.
The Michigan man with an L.A. bent delivers new EP 'Intermission' through Ghostly International.
Fort Romeau Stay True August 14, 2013
Fort Romeau flitting from early 90s hand bag house to something infinitely more complex. “Stay True” winds and rises for seven minutes in the sort of way that makes you wish you could explain to Kendrick Lamar that this is why reasonable people do Molly. He takes the builds and sheen of house and disco […]
Chris Daly’s lost blog posts: coming soon. Remember that one time you left your favorite baseball cap in the back of that taxi? You were pissed — particularly since you knww that damn cabbie was eyeing your fitted,snapback, or porkpie, the moment you stepped into his ride. Multiply that by a million, and you might […]