Son Raw returns with a wrap up of the summer's best grime.
August Grime wrap up August 15, 2014
Son Raw’s heading to the beach for a minute Once again, it’s on… First up, Bristol imprint Crazylegs continues to play mad scientist with UK dance music traditions, mixing and matching various tempos, styles and perspectives on each release. Ziro’s Lost featuring Trim is no exception and like Murlo’s remix of TRC’s Me and You […]
Kyle Ellison will ghost you if you sleep on him Grime as a product is a difficult sell by name and definition. Occasionally a tune will slip behind enemy lines as if by accident, but there’s rarely much logic to those that do. If anyone knows the secret to German Whip’s success then they’re smarter […]
Son Raw is back on his bizzy A tension between sonic variety and cohesiveness is the lifeblood of a music scene. Too much similarity and things get formulaic – think Brostep, Arena Drum & Bass or bone-dry Tech House. Open things up too much however, and you’re likely to hear artists writing concept albums about […]
Son Raw doesn’t pose for no one. Maybe Brent Rollins. There’s no politically correct way of saying that James Blake’s music is infinitely better when he works with black voices so fuck political correctness. While a few twee outlets went nuts over his LP last year, almost everyone previously familiar with his work found it […]