Some meat and potatoes rap from Action Bronson and Kool G Rap. And by meat and potatoes, I mean braised cornish game hen with a side of duchess potatoes. It only takes Bronsolino a bar to make a Demolition Man reference so you know it’s Wesley Snipes as a blonde real. Questions raised: Was Snipes […]
After spending an Internet-less afternoon pontificating about the contrived weirdness that now passes for originality in rap, I’m cleansing my palate by returning to the old school. Don’t think I’m dating myself. Marley Marl was mostly before my time, save for that first Lords of the Underground album, which is a minor masterpiece in its […]
Nothing incites crisis quite like the favorite group of your teenage years slumping into middle-aged stasis. Have I ever mentioned that I love Wu-Tang? Maybe once or twice. I have learned more from Tony Starks than all teachers. Rae taught me to politick until I dittoed. GZA once explained the importance of water to me.  […]