Will Schube is like Missy on the chorus — tight The latest single from Moon Duo conjures up a menacing figure. Whether that figure is man or beast isn’t as relevant as the smooth terror it creates. “Animal” is a psychedelic trip to the graveyard after the gates have been closed. The track’s brevity, along […]
Moon Duo: discovering the sound the Strokes should have in 2013 if the 2013 Strokes didn’t insist on exhibiting the sluggishness of stroke victims. If I’m Julian Casablancas, I would swag dracula the fuck out of this song. Ripley Johnson, believe it. Taking classic Kraut rock and drone and blasting it into oblivion. Somehow making […]
Moon Duo make murderous chainsaw roars danceable. Danceable by 60s standards. Not by cat daddy or 2Chainz hallmarks of excellence.  I could see “Sleepwalker” soundtracking a lost scene from Factory Girl where Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol dance with some androgynous turtlenecked German industrialists interested in investing in Chelsea Girls. One is named Klaus because […]