It’s Son Raw, again, he’ll turn up with a fat on again. Butterz on Rinse: half short and twice strong. Though the crew’s radio presence has once again folded into Elijah & Skilliam’s flagship show (with alternating hosts Royal-T and Swindle), this week’s episode definitely qualifies as a must-listen and a potent reminder that they’re […]
“If you don’t know, check out the bass,” toasts JME on this mix from Joker and Swindle, honoring the third birthday of instrumental grime kings, Butterz. With the honorable Son Raw, somewhere in Southeast Asia, smoking spliffs and enjoying a long sabbatical from the madness of the Internet, there’s a void for fire alarm-frantic and […]
Part 2 of Son Raw’s continuing look at London’s best radio station. Part 1 here. Dubstep: The cream of the crop Dubstep has seen better days on Rinse, as London’s sound of choice has found itself out of favor amongst listeners dissuaded by the anti-cool factor that comes with being America’s soundtrack to take drugs […]
Son Raw’s been wanting to write this for years Pre-recorded podcasts may have more polish and The Boiler Room might have the benefit of a live crowd, but tune for tune, there’s nowhere better to hear fresh urban electronic music than London institution Rinse.FM. Starting off as a Jungle pirate in the mid 90s, the […]
The History of Rinse.FM September 24, 2012
Son Raw bombs the system The history of London’s urban pirate radio is still murky and half-told with details only beginning to trickle out now that the format has mostly migrated to legal online locations. For those of us on North-American shores who’ve grown up in the hyper-commercialized Clear Channel era, there’s still something unbelievable […]
Son Raw lick 50 shots. There’s a strong argument to be made that from the early 70’s on, every form of music I love and enjoy is directly or indirectly the result of Jamaican ideas and musicianship. Throw in an amazing run of 60s Ska, Rocksteady and Roots and it’s apparent that this tiny island […]