Son Raw breaks down his song of the summer, Alkaline's "Block & Delete."
Son Raw takes a look at the excellent new album from Jamaican dancehall staples, Equiknoxx.
Miss Red comes to Murder December 4, 2015
Gonna go out on a limb and say that this is the best album by an Israel-based female dancehall MC ever made.
New Dancehall mix by Berlin-Via-Montreal rudegyal Vilify for the Passion of the Weiss mix series. Do the dutty wine to it.
Kahn and his partner in crime Neek have unleashed a torrent of tracks operating in hyper-specific genre confines, thriving in the process. While both producers have released free-form material as part of the Young Echo collective, their Roots, Dancehall, Dubstep and Grime tracks under their principal aliases and as Gorgon Sound stand as some of the strongest sound system music in recent memory.
She's Drunk's Physical EP is one of the more interestingly experimental dance releases that's landed in my inbox recently, one that avoids easy classifications and formulas in favor of an open-ended approach to urban music.
The Jafakin patois is an age-old tactic in rap. During the 90s, rappers used it to pay homage to West Indian roots (Busta Rhymes), express their love of weed (DJ Quik), or merely collaborate with Supercat, Beenie Man, Shabba or Bounty Killer. The trend never really went away even though there hasn’t been a major […]
Son Raw’s physical is back in North America but you can’t trap his mind. These days, DJ mixes are as common as trap releases on Dat Piff or white bro R&B at bad BBQs, but proper production mixtapes filled with all original material? Those are rarer than vegan meetups in steakhouses. Requiring both quality and […]
Son Raw bus up di dance Did somebody say Dancehall revival? In truth, Jamaica’s musical exports never went away but Bashment is a style that thrives on creative destruction: every decade the whole style switches up, old heads complain and then a few years later everybody rediscovers it. Popcaan and Vybz Cartel are as different […]