Jimmy Ness only fools with charcoal “Welcome to the land where it just don’t stop. Trunks pop, tops drop, and the front-end hop.” I like to imagine summer is a lot like the world Houston rapper Fat Pat [RIP] describes on “Tops Pop,” where the music is funky, the cars have impractical modifications and the […]
Zilla Rocca is a 5 O’clock Shadowboxer holding the sector After the hellish winter we suffered along the east coast in 2013-2014, where 60 inches of snow pelted us into psychological mince meat, the spring of 2014 has been a mirage of sorts – 80 degree temperatures overtaken by rain, cool nights, and beautiful sunny […]
Harold Stallworth curbs your enthusiasm. For all the technological advancements that have altered the ways in which musicians have earned their keep over the last three decades, one constant has remained: Rappers, by in large, still generate the bulk of their income via live performances. Over the last few years, Freddie Gibbs, Big Krit and […]
Slick Rick invented swag. That’s what Domo Genesis claimed when I interviewed him in 2011. And if Ricky Walters survived into a generation of kids conceived around the time The Show was filmed, that’s the true test of longevity. You can still see the DNA of Uncle Ricky in the weird accents, gold chains, and […]